Natural Viking makeup (part one) ~Blueberry

(Here is a link to something I wrote about vikings and use of makeup some time ago )

Dear readers! Many of you have been requesting this, and now it is going down; I will be making a series of photos with makeup made straight from nature! My goal with these upcoming photos is to show you a couple of ways to use 100% natural and authentic makeup . Here is my first attempt at blueberry! Everything in these pictures – my lips, my eyes AND eyebrows have been coloured with the blueberry “potion” that I made for my pancakes today. I was very surprised and happy to see that my lips turned out this dramatic. .


A close-up
Photography by Eirik

Ingredients used:
(leftovers of my simple recipe for homemade blueberry jam )

– Frozen Blueberries (boiled. No water added)
– Honey (one tablespoon)
Applied to my face with a brush

~ The Viking Queen

22 thoughts on “Natural Viking makeup (part one) ~Blueberry

    • Thank you so much! It was a bit sticky, but I do believe that I have found a way to avoid stickyness.. More research needs to be done before I can reveal this revolutionary “secret” 😉 There are many blog posts to come that will address these issues.

  1. I work as a makeup artist here in Sweden (I write in English cuz I have some difficulty with understanding norsk) but I am also a Viking in my free time, and next weekend my club is aranging a market in my town and our chif wants me to do makeup at the market. This looks absolutely amazing and I would love to try it out! Therefor I am asking you to please tell how much blueberry you used for 1 tablespoon of honey! Thank you my queen, and stay beautiful!

    • This is fantastic, haha! I aspire to inspire;) Oh how I would love to see pictures of what you did, could you please send them to my email?
      Not at all – I used a lot of blueberries. Probably 350 grams (frozen ones)
      If you have any questions, feel free to email me:)
      *queenly bow*

  2. This is fantastic, and, ha ha, I have those earrings! I got married in them on a replica Norse longship.

    I would love to see a better pic of your hair in the “Makeup and Vikings” post and how you did it! I really love it and would love to give it a go.

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