Fun Viking Articles

Here are some viking themed articles that have caught my attention lately. Naturally, some have higher credibility than others, but it is always fun to read articles like these!(Please click on the various titles to read the articles) Do you know of any good articles about Vikings / The Viking Age?  Please share in the comment section below! viking_necklace1

“Dig supports theory Viking women were first to use bras”

“Did the vikings have tattoos?” this one is in Danish, beware of google translation errors)

“Viking runestone found on medieval scholar’s farmland”

Viking Necklace Discovered in Glencurran Cave

“Viking Teeth offer insight into cultural status”

Viking Age Sites in Northern EuropeLoads of good stuff to read in PDF!

“Slaves as burial gifts in Viking Age Norway? Evidence from stable isotope and ancient DNA analyses”

~The Viking Queen

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