When in nature, what do you feel?

ImageImageImageI love the smell of bonfires in my hair, the feeling of soil under my fingernails, the stinging sensation of the cold, northern air. Casting runes to the echo of crows brings calmness to my ancient soul. One can sail the seven seas, only to find that there is nothing like the mystical nature in Norway. The forest clears cloudy minds and heals the deepest of battle scars. Time is well spent when connecting with the old gods, and when exploring the depths of one’s ancient soul. Our culture and our heritage lives on in our heathen hearts, and only there can it be found and brought back to new life. Dare to feel the beating rhythm, dare to walk the path we used to follow.

When in nature, what do you feel?

~The Viking Queen

10 thoughts on “When in nature, what do you feel?

  1. Well spoken! Nature speaks to something primal in me, something akin to our animal side. I love running in the wild. The norse climate, it’s forests and mountains, it’s almost like a dance with pure instinct.

  2. Great post! I would argue this applies to the north, not just Norway. There is a connection with the land that brings me an amazing contentment. The boreal forest, the rivers, the lakes, the animals and plants are just amazing.
    People are losing this connection and I think they are suffering because of it.
    Love your site.

  3. Nature gives me inspiration, it brings me ideas and thought I would never have locked up within four walls of a house. Nature is where Man belongs, and where I can find joy for my soul. Beautiful post!

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