Archery practice

I enjoy a good challenge, and this is something that I have never done before!
Focus face on.
I came, I saw, I aimed…
…I made it! Behold! *laughs*

I treasure my newly acquired archery “skills” with all my viking might! Hopefully, the gods will grant me more time with bows, arrows and my teacher. This was SO much fun! It is safe to say that I am a woman who loves weapons, and my love has only grown stronger after this experience! There is no use in being scared of new things, for if I fail I will try again and again until I make it …That’s how my stubborn viking spirit works.

~The Viking Queen


16 thoughts on “Archery practice

  1. Well done! An excellent practice to still the mind’s chatter as well. Weapons can aid meditation in the right context and archery is a lovely choice for this. You clearly have a talent for it!

  2. Så flott bue du har fått deg! Kva type tre er det? Kjenner eg må finne fram mi eiga bue igjen snart *lyst til å bli flink*

    PS: Du såg skikkeleg proff ut 😉

    • Takk kjære! Buen er flott men den er ikke min! Den er laget av det gjeve treslaget alm^^ La oss skyte sammen! Jeg er sikker på at vi kan skremme både folk og fe (samt syklister) Hehehe

      Ps – tusen takk ❤ Tjihih, jeg var konsentrert og kjempeglad 😉

      • You made me want to run out and shoot right away- but when I read this it was well after dark local-time. XD, but I did shoot this morning. I bought a new bow on Ebay. A cheap Chinese Traditional, I have not taken the leather decoration off of it yet, but it seems to suffer from being a toy and not a serious archery tool. Now if I can only find my string wax….

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