Right outside my home. I basically live in the forest
My rune set. made by a crafty lady, bought at a Viking marked
Goat skull. Usually decorating one of my bedroom walls. Here, a true necro poser.

I decided to use my photographic skills again, just because it’s October. Photography is a dear hobby of mine, especially when it comes to “tree-and jewelry porn”.  Autumn is a very beautiful season of the year, even though it is not exactly my favourite. Runes and skulls, on the other hand – those are really favourites of mine. I picked my rune set at Borre Viking Market because they spoke to me. Rock Crystal (Clear Quartz) is my lucky stone, so to speak – and I have a built-in weakness for everything golden. Besides, they came in a cute leather purse. Those esthetics aside, they just felt right. I personally think that is the most important thing to search for when you want to choose the “right runes”. After all, the true meaning of the runes is secret.

“Þat kann ek it tolfta,
ef ek sé á tré uppi
váfa virgilná,:
svá ek ríst ok í rúnum fák,
at sá gengr gumi
ok mælir við mik”

This might seem weird to most people, but skulls actually make me drool. I love skulls, and my home is decorated with different ones. I don’t even mind the smell of rotting meat when preparing skulls. Ah, Runes and skulls, I can never get enough…

Dear readers –
What are your thoughts on the runes?
Do you collect skulls? 

~Sól Geirsdóttir

16 thoughts on “Rún

  1. Esthetically, the runes are gorgeous. That they felt right is great, I haven’t managed to find any myself yet that whispered to me. Some pretty sweet photos as well I have to say!
    Skulls are epic, I have two Thompson Gazelle skulls my grandad brought home from Africa many years ago over my door, one on each side.

    • Fredrik Kayser: Thank you so much! I am sure that you shall find the runes that whisper to you when the time is right. Ah, door skulls.. They are the best! Gatekeepers, so to speak 😉

  2. Nydelege haustbilder og runesettet ditt er utruleg vakkert. Har sett etter noko liknande sjølv i anten amethyst (min stein) eller moseagat, men ikkje funnet enno. Så har foreløpig eit sett i eiketre 🙂

    • Fru S: Tusen takk, kjære. Jeg blir alltid så glad når jeg ser navnet ditt i kommentarfeltet ❤ Jeg er gelt sikker på at moseagat eller amethyst hadde passet utmerket til deg. Om jeg ser et slikt et så skal jeg røve det med meg og gi det til deg i knestående ;-*

  3. Har et stort sett med slike runer selv! Men i onyx:) 2 geiteskaller og 2 rådyrskaller!
    Runer er et spennende (og for min del, et nostalgisk) tema.
    Nydelige bilder! Du er utrolig dyktig til alt du gjør 🙂

    • Marius: 2 rådyrskaller! Ah, jeg må ha en rådyrskalle i samlingen, takk for at du minnet meg på dette. Du er ikke alene om å kjenne på nostalgien 🙂 Og tusen hjertelig takk for de fine ordene 🙂

  4. I will be making my own set of runes eventually, but that feeling of “right” always produces good results for me as well. I wish I had more room for skulls in my Airstream (my modern nomadic wagon … ) but they appear a great deal in my art and I adore them for all they represent and all the wonder they contain.

    Your photography is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your autumn with us!

  5. Ah, Runes, I speak here of the elder futhark. The runes are tools to interact with and modify the world we live in. Unfortunately the part that leads to transcendental consciousness is/was not put inside them, that is found elsewhere. However they are very powerful and useful in one’s life. To internalize and understand the inner structure and energies of each rune, visualize it on a black backround. First in flaming fire, then in verdant green, then in sapphire blue. One of these colors will seem correct. Use that. Material, Emotional, Psychic, the 3 levels of the 8. Then using the color, go into the rune and allow it to open up to you.. The name and the first meaning will guide you into the depths of understanding and comprehension. As your explorations continue you will see the web of energies connecting them to each other, after you internalize each rune. That occurs when you can summon each rune into your minds eye with a single breath (battle magic).
    Then, rather than having your life be a series of random happenstance, you can then use the runes to guide and change reality to your will. Be aware that the guido von list modifications that the nazi’s used were twisted to the dark side and as such will only cause you significant grief if you use them.

    Once you have internalized a rune you can then project it into your carving as you make it by repeating the name, seeing it in the stone as you cut it. You may feel the vibration build as you chant and visualize.. be prepared for fireworks!

    Then you can construct words and sentences that have inner and outer meaning, to empower objects you make or carve the runes into, as well as your life!

  6. Lovely photos you have taken there 🙂
    I especially love the runes carved rock crystal. I have a similar set made of onys and it’s truely powerful. I keep it in my little copper cauldron because I somehow like that it’s a bit kitschy.

    I also collect skulls and bones and horns and antlers. It’s my way of worshipping the beings that died for our food. Maybe it’s a quite modern thought but it helps keep the ancient spirit alive here 😉

    takk for bildene!

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