Tønsberg Medieval Festival, summer 2013

For Yule, I will wish for a weave like this one. I shall give it to my handmaidens so they can create the dress of my dreams. Hush, don’t tell them!

Yes, there were knights! (I love the look on this guy’s face! hahaha)
One of these… Bring forth one of these glorious drinking horns, and we shall feast!
I couldn’t resist the urge to try something that was really… meant for children. Dear sceptical man in the background; It doesn’t matter that the other contestants were like… 3 years old. BECAUSE I WON!!!
tonsberg13 tonsberg14 tonsberg3
Salt. So much salt! All the richess of the sea!
Beyla Design
tonsberg7 tonsberg6 tonsberg4
tonsberg10I had to pillage one of the Medieval Markeds as well. No matter time and place, I always pillage with pride!
My next blog post will be about the items that I looted on this Faire.

~Sól Spydsdóttir

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