Greetings, people of Midgard!

My name is Sól Spydsdóttir. My nick “The Viking Queen” has sprung out from both heated and icy conversations with friends and enemies, and a creative view on my very own existence. This is a blog about my personal fascination and admiration for the Viking Age. In other words – a blog about all Viking related things, places and happenings with a sparkle of creativity and modern touch. I have been blogging for some years now, but as I am moving with time, I feel the need for change and a more professional blog platform. Hail Thee, WordPress!

To specify this blog even further, here are some of the things that it is all about:
– Art photography. I photograph nordic nature, viking jewelry, viking clothing and other viking themed objects to share my perceptions and emotions with the people of Midgard.
–  Viking markets : One of my favourite things to attend as it is a great arena where reenactors and other ancient souls and enthusiasts come together to celebrate our common interests.
– Music. I am the vocalist and writer of music in my band project called Vǫluspá. Our music is based on Viking Culture and Norse Mythology and can best be labelled as “viking folk music”. Samples VERY SOON to come.
– Fashion. I make my own (*cough*.. my handmaidens make..) viking inspired clothing based on both ancient knowledge and modern influences that I shamelessly flaunt with pagan pride.
– More to come but rest safe that it will be rooted with the culture of my ancestors. Norse mythology, relevant research , random viking facts, and so forth. Maybe even a recipe of mead? Only readers can find out.

I hereby welcome all new and old readers to my internet kingdom of viking stuff!
Comments are welcomed.

Other blog platforms where you can see and read my work: (previous blog)

~Sól Spydsdóttir, The Viking Queen of the North.

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