~Borre Viking Market 2012, part one~

This is Borreparken, where Borre Viking Faire took place. Many viking graves dated year 600-900 are to be found here.  My dearest sister in spirit and I spent a whole night on top of the one on this very picture. There, we were talking with ancient souls, and practicing our throat singing skills from dusk til’ dawn. All photos are imported from my old blog: http://www.vegvisir.blogg.noVikings came from far away to fightAh, the things we do to go to Valhall.Behold; A swedish viking! (…As far as I can recall. My deepest apologies if all the mead and bonfires made me forgetful about Thine ethnicity)

Wool, linen and other naturally coloured fabrics were to be found everywhereCarvings of Odin and Sleipnir on a Skull. I “fell in love” with it and wanted to take it home with me. ….Alas, one cannot own all the skulls of Midgard.

There is nothing like viking art and skulls.

~Sól Geirsdóttir


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