~Bjørgvin Viking Market, 2012~

Viking ship

My heathen friends, Silje & Lars Christian

Self at the Market

~My hair, Bjørgvin Viking Faire~

This look was inspired by the vǫlva or völva. A shamanic seeress in Norse Paganism.
With my best friend in all of Midgard – Marita Tathariel. I love you, girl.
An ocean of bronze viking rings

This Mjölnir is one of few jewelry pieces that I brought homeJust like the crow I’m all into shiny things

Drinking hornsOn my many journeys over the seven seas I have not yet gathered all the richness that I need to buy a whole marked.
In my barbarians I trust – they shall return to their queen with gold and silver

How about some viking chess?

Simply by batting my scary eyes (You know – those I get after having devoured animal hearts), I got very nice prices here. Girls – bat your eyes (use the art of Frøya to bargain.)

Ready to eat meat and drink mead.(Silje, Self, My sister in spirit and Renate)Rivers of mead were brought to our drinking hornsThis viking had a huge drinking horn! He knew how to make guests laughMusic was payed for our pleasureOur Fertility God FrøyMy friend Frøydis is Vakr (beautiful in old norse)

Linen are growing at this very spot. Man have been growing linen for over 10 000 years.

This man was telling tales of our old norse gods

…This woman was playing the harp beautifully to his words


2 thoughts on “~Bjørgvin Viking Market, 2012~

  1. Beautiful ! How lucky you are to see all this !!
    I’m in France, where or how can I buy these gorgeous cristalball necklace ?
    thanks a lot (I follow you on tumblr, your posts are amazing !)
    Best regards

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